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Commercial Electricians Canberra

Intricate Electrical has over 20 years working experience in the commercial industry. We have project managment experience with some of the largest building companies in canberra. From small shop fitouts and renovations, to larger scale switchboard upgrades, cable tray, and large mains cables, and also apartments and units. We can give you the knowledge and finish your business requires. call us free for a quote or just to hear what our experience can offer.

CT Electrical Metering Canberra

We have completed many metering installations these include;

CT electrical metering of all electrical meters within large scale commercial buildings to enable building owner/ facilities to better understand their power usage, pin point unusual activity and fine tune control programming.

Pulsed output water meters and gas meters from basic towns mains right through to complex mechanical plant room installations enabling access on BMS system to view all usage. Gas meter wiring installed through intrinsic barriers (thus limiting ignition source)

Electrical Security Systems Canberra

Intricate Electrical Systems is a master security licence holder within the ACT.

We have installed numerous access control, CCTV and type one security systems throughout government buildings, schools, universities, correctional facilities, shops and homes.

  • These works include;
  • Electric strikes and magnetic locks on single leaf and double leaf doors, Auto doors and disabled access doors.
  • Swipe card, boom gates and anti tailgating.
  • Duress buttons, Strobes and sounders.
  • CCTV on multistorey buildings covering all external entry points, lift lobbies and general areas. 
  • CCTV systems in shops, clubs and homes. 
  • Fully monitored back to base systems and standalone systems.

Building Management Systems Canberra (BMS)

Intricate Electrical Systems has over 10 years experience in building management and control projects. Working along side and contracting works for numerous national and international companies.

Installing state of the art BMS systems in new multi storey buildings and the refurbishment of existing occupied buildings with minimal disturbance to the tenant.

It is with this experience that Intricate Electrical Systems can assist you in integrating all aspects of a buildings services so you can better manage and monitor your asset.


Pump Controls and Solar Hot Water Canberra

Intricate Electrical Systems have over ten years experience working with pumping systems and controls wiring. Whether it be a large multi pumping system supplying a new suburb, or just a simple storm water pump in your driveway drain. we can give you the knowledge and solution that will best suit your needs, while keeping the financial side very affordable.

We also offer residential solar hot water solutions with options for off peak boosting and time clock boosting of hot water during the not so sunny periods. We can arrange the plumbing for you so you only have to deal with one person and handle the one invoice coming in. Once you have paid for the supply and installation, you can watch the savings roll in.

RCDs Replacements and Smoke Alarms Canberra

If you have realised that your house is not fully protected from fire, you may want to add a few hard wired smoke alarms to help protect your loved ones. A very popular model is the Clipsal FireTec smoke alarm that offers the ultimate level of protection with the stylish new flush mounted alarm. It’s a leading choice as it’s fast to fit, easy to install, with super reliable performance. It simply mounts like a downlight. Home and office safety is the most important thing, and there is a wide  range of smoke alarms that we supply to you get the best  protection, whilst not compromising style.

Now that your fire safe, Is your house electrically as safe as possible? if your house has old quick lag breakers or HRC fuses, then the answer is no! Intricate Electrical can remove your old breakers and fuses, and replace them with the latest RCD's on offer, and retrofit and upgrade your old switchboard. A Residual Current Device (RCD) is a safety device that switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault. RCDs are far more sensitive than normal fuses and circuit-breakers and provide additional protection against electric shock by monitoring the amount of electricity used to the amount returning, and if there is an imbalance the power will stop immediately.